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While checking out his local toy shop, LEGO Smuggler bumped into the local LEGO sales representative. Questioning him about the Episode 2 line up he was shown the upcoming catalogue and was able to get a glimpse at the six new Attack of the Clones sets. His comments below match up with our Attack of the LEGO posted by Dustin in November:

  1. The Yoda and Count Dooka set already seen on Brickshelf.
  2. The Anakin and Tusken Raider set also already seen.
  3. The Jedi Starfighter which looked very accurate and had maroon bricks.
  4. Slave 1 in the new Episode 2 colours – see: Jango Fett’s Slave I
  5. A droid landing/attack ship(I think), which had short downward swept wings and a lot of detail, it was generally white in colour, the rep had seen the real thing and said it looked good and was close to a foot wide – see: Republic Gunship
  6. Finally, a set with two land craft, maybe the rickshaw type vehicle seen in the trailers – see: Anakins Desert Patrol

He ends with “I only saw them for a minute or two, but I was impressed, all had bright new colours such as pale greens and blues but none showed the figures in the packs.”

LEGO Smuggler mentions that he was told the official release date is April 16th (6 days earlier than the new Hasbro action figures), as well as the Australian release date for the current LEGO sets (Cloud Car et al) being early February.

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