UK News: LEGO Mini TIE Fighter

Issue 41 of the UK’s monthly Star Wars magazine went on sale this week, with a prequel update, an article covering the CGI characters in Attack of the Clones, an interview with Bionnie Piesse and biographies on Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew, and reviews of the latest Star Wars novels and board games.

Included on the magazine’s cover was a small baggie with a sample of the upcoming LEGO mini-vehicle range. This twelve piece 2″ high TIE Fighter was a real treat to build. Included with it was a flyer of the entire range of toys, and inside the magazine was a LEGO advertisement with packaging shots, prices and release dates.

Titan Official Star Wars Comic #13

* The latest issue (part #13) of Star Wars Comic in the UK is also carrying the LEGO mini TIE Fighter.

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