New LEGO Playsets

In an exciting move LEGO has developed two playsets – Dagobah and Cloud City – as shop@home exclusives.

The recently announced Dagobah playset comes with three figures – including an all-new Dagobah Luke with a backpack to carry Yoda in – and a LEGO rendition of Yoda’s hut that can be opened at the rear. If you still aren’t satisfied then LEGO have also thought to add a retooled X-wing Fighter, festooned with swamp grime, that has retractable front landing gear and a mechanism that opens up the S-foils. This set will be released early next year and should be available for preorder next month.

The Cloud City set, with seven mini-figs (five of which are new), is 25″ long and has four play areas (carbonite chamber, banquet hall, control room and gantry) which can be detached to create individual environments plus a landing pad for the Twin-Pod Cloud Car (sold separately). This set is scheduled for release on October 24th and is already available for preorder, priced $99.99/£69.99/EUR 109.99.

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