Sneak Peak At LEGO 2004

There’s was lots of excitement in the Rebelscum forum’s LEGO section when these two pictures surfaced on the internet last night. What looks to be excerpts from the next LEGO catalogue, several story environments are shown.

The Hoth hanger scene (left) shows a rear view of the new Millennium Falcon and a tantalizing hint about one of the figures included with this set. More shots of the redesigned X-wing (set 4502) are also shown, but a surprise addition is the remodeled Rebel Snowspeeder (set 4500).

The Battle of Yavin scene (right) shows the same X-wing (Dagobah) being chased by a squadron of TIE Fighters being led by Darth Vader himself. It isn’t clear what the product number is on the collection of TIE Fighters because 10131 may be referring to all of them which would make the set quite large. The number 01.08.2004 is obviously a release date – but don’t expect to see them in early January because the date convention in Denmark means that these will be an August release.

This post originally appeared on on the 20th of September, 2003.

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