New LEGO For 2006?

Word just in from TRUJedi reveals details of new sets coming in 2006:

The B-Wing looks pretty much the same. The sample package doesn’t have sides or a back, so I can’t tell if the crew figure and astromech are included, but there is a similar looking pilot. It looks like this one has some kind of a yellow Lego base stand so that you can stand your B-wing up.

The Slave-I features Boba Fett and the other three bounty hunters, and I didn’t see it on the package, but I assume there is a carbonite block Han included. This one is a cross between models 7144 (Fett’s) and 7153 (Jango’s), with the actual pieces more like Jango’s, but coloration more similar to Fett’s. For example, there are four quad guns on the bottom like Jango’s and the cockpit is rounded like Jango’s. They’ve added those smooth, flat pieces (where you can only connect other pieces to the bottom) all down the front spine of the Slave-I and it looks more sleek. Boba Fett figure looks the same as the prior version.

The A-Wing is pretty similar as well, though the front is redone so that its all smooth, with no LEGO bumps all over. The rest of the fighter colors are red and white instead of red and gray, and the ship looks to be a layer taller than the previous model. Back engines and side guns are pretty similar. The pilot figure looks similar from what I can see of him, but the ground crew figure looks new. He has some kind of radar dish and a seat, with a new helmet.

The V-Wing is the smallest of the sets and the clone pilot looks like the ones that were introduced in the ROTS sets. Looks like the wings/wing guns might rotate 360 degrees, but I can’t tell that for sure.

These sets look to be coming early in 2006.

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