Episode III Collector’s Set Officially Announced

The ARC-170 and Droid Tri-Fighter sets, along with an astromech, 3 x Clone Pilots and a buzz-droid, have been bundled under the gestalt of the Episode III Collector’s Set (65771).

65771 Episode III Collectors' Set

The set also contains either an ARC-170 (set 6967) or a Jedi Starfighter MINI (set 7966) models, LEGO Revenge of the Sith poster and a Collector’s CD.

This is now available to pre-order (for an October 1, 2005 release) on Amazon.com/Toysrus.com for $59.99 right now. Points to GNT for posting the news in our LEGO forums.

This post originally appeared on Rebelscum.com on the 4th of September, 2005.

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