LEGO Jabba’s Sail Barge Announced

From LEGO comes the following:

The first licensed property to join the LEGO family in 1999, LEGO Star Wars(TM) has become one of the best-selling lines in global company history, and continues in 2006 with seven new playsets representing vehicles from the entire saga, including the B-Wing Fighter(TM) and Jabba the Hutt(TM)’s Sail Barge.

“Building upon the success we have had over the years, and particularly in 2005 with Star Wars, we’re thrilled to extend and compliment our existing stable of top licenses with three more red-hot properties to appeal to children of all ages,” says Jill Wilfert, vice president, global partnership and alliance management for LEGO Group. “All-access to the Nickelodeon portfolio allows us to bring some of the most popular television stories and characters into the LEGO build-and-play universe for kids, while the classic Batman brand offers a tremendous opportunity to simultaneously engage boys and adult collectors in a building experience rich with details, functions and play possibilities.”

LEGO have been contacted for more details, which we will post as soon as we receive them. Thanks to poohbear14 for sharing the news in our LEGO forums.

This post originally appeared on on the 28th of October, 2005.

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