V-Wing Replaces Jedi Starfighter

Thanks to Steve Witt, of the LEGO Community Team, we now have an explanation as to why this set popped up unexpectedly, and why it disappeared just as quickly:

“The Ultimate Space Battle was only ever intended to be a 4th quarter exclusive for Target, and it sold very very well (hence why its gone already).”

Since its retirement, there has been a footnote at the bottom of the Ultimate Space Battle page at the LEGO shop@home website explaining “We’re sorry, this Collection is no longer available. Please see our new, exclusive replacement Collection: #K7283 V-wing Space Battle Collection.”

Sadly LEGO did not provide a link to K7283, nor did appear on the website.

Yesterday reader Trip O’Neal wrote in to point out that the V-wing Space Battle Collection was up for $44.97 (USA & Canada only), and Steve Witt has added:

“The V-wing was added into a new collection (K7283) and placed up on Shop@Home. Whether this was done as a replacement for the USB or just as a holiday collection I’m not certain.”

So, for now, there is another new LEGO set to add to your collection – assuming you feel the need to pick up yet more Vulture Droids and yellow Jedi Starfighters.

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