LEGO Star Wars II: The Demo

Members of our LEGO forums have provided the following links to download the 440Mb demo from:

3D Gamers – requires registration

Also, the German version of The Official Playstation 2 magazine has it on this month’s cover disc.

* Ed reports that The Official Playstation 2 magazine in the US has the demo of the original LEGO SWVG on it, and not the sequel.

* Zee Zee sends word that “Just to let you know that the UK Official Playstation2 Magazine (issue Sept. ’06) contains a timed demo for LEGO Star Wars II. It features the trailer plus a timed demo from Ep.IV Mos Eisley that allows you to control/play as Luke / Obi-wan / R2-D2 and/or C3P0.”

This post originally appeared on on the 10th of August, 2006.

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