Revenge Of The 5th Mural Revealed

As part of the May The 4th Be With You promotional event LEGO Star Wars of all ages were asked to contribute photos of their builds or collections – either via a special upload website or at LEGO brand stores across the United States – to help compile “a massive virtual mosaic” to be revealed on May 5th (aka Revenge Of The 5th).

The wait is over because LEGO has unveiled this special, one-off digital artwork at where you can not only see the final rendering but search for your own contribution and find teasers of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets!

Never one to pass up a good opportunity to hype up the LEGO Star Wars fan base about an upcoming new release, and this occasion is no different, as the whole exercise was to get in a plug for the new 9516 Jabba’s Palace set, which is out in August.

Contgratulations to who ever won the “desktop sized Darth Maul”, which is said to measure 60 cm tall and be worth US$1000!

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