More 75158 Republic Combat Frigate Pics

We’ve had a leaked boxed and loose image and LEGO shop@home has posted the set’s listing page but since then it’s been pretty quiet and we haven’t learned much more than this set is going to be a retail exclusive somewhere.

Based on the image below we can say that it is going to be carried by Toys ‘R’ Us in at least one market, and judging on the price tag and current exchange rates the ad comes from Hong Kong.

Also revealed is the new Ahsoka Tano minifig, which you can see below. There are marked differences with the two previous versions – including longer head tails and new tran blue lightsabre blade elements. The print on the leg and torse pieces have also been updated and she has a been given a more grown-up and warrior-like look.

You can check out the original source if you need further confirmation on this story.

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