Egmont: Official Annual 2017 Review

Dating back nearly 100 years, the annual is long-standing tradition in the UK and are commonly published shortly before Christmas. Originally annuals were compendiums of the best features and articles of the previous year, but modern versions are more often than not simple games and activities. Often given out by well meaning aunties and uncles who don’t know what their sibling’s children are in to! Aimed at children aged 4 to 10, these publications are printed in high colour, filled with eye-catching graphics and published in large-sized hardcover books that are durable. And though they are dated for the following year, most households take advantage of turkey-fuelled lethargy and have completed them before the New Year starts.

“This book enables you to discover a galaxy of adventures with the LEGO Star Wars Official Annual 2017. The all-new Official LEGO Star Wars Annual is packed full of galactic entertainment with all-action comic stories, challenging puzzles and fun games. And it comes with a fantastic LEGO and the rest of the Star Wars gang for hours of fun in a galaxy far, far away. LEGO Star Wars is the best-selling LEGO theme ever!”

Inside the hard cover is a collection of great rainy day activities – code cracking, picture puzzles, treasure hunts, mazes, anagrams and Son of LEGOscum’s favourites – spot the differences. There are also a number of short comics and a lone colouring page. All of this is depicted through stylised LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigs, all drawn by Ameet Studio, who are the Greg Hyland of this decade.

After spending a couple of hours – admittedly it was a begrudged couple of hours as the sun is out and the temperatures are balmy where Son of LEGOscum lives – the LEGO Star Wars Official Annual 2017 had been reviewed.

It’s jam packed with fun activities and has Luke, Artoo, Threepio, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Yoda and my favourite – Obi-Wan. The book was fun – especially the Subspace Chase which was quite cool. The Mysterious Master puzzle was awesome too. But the Imperial Birthday game was my favourite. The annual was so great I honestly thought this book didn’t have anything wrong with it, and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys fun activities like games and puzzles. Boys and girls which are Star Wars fans will love this book.

With the inclusion of two minifigures the price can’t be beaten, and with Ezra Bridger and Chopper minifigs cover mounted in a blister it is the cheapest way to get two popular Rebels characters.

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