Scholastic: The Official Stormtrooper Training Manual

Survive and thrive as an Imperial Stromtrooper with this hilarious guide and activity book that comes with a buildable Snowtrooper minifigure.

“Joining the Empire and becoming a Stormtrooper is the adventure of a lifetime, but it comes with its challenges. While you get to spend time telling people “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” you’ve got to be prepared for hitting your head on doorways, shooting at people and missing, and running into trees on your speeder bike, all while keeping your helmet on. No matter what kind of Stormtrooper you want to be, this is the field guide for you! Includes a removable guide book, activity book, and buildable Snowtrooper minifigure all held in a sturdy case with magnetic closure.”

Presented in a fold-out glossy card case with magnetic clasps, the Official Stormtrooper Training Manual is like a classy presentation CD. Inside is the guidebook itself; a series of vingettes depicting the numerous types of Imperial stormtroopers and their various opportunities. While it is a hardly a page turner by any means, it still manage to capture a child’s enthusiasm and imagination.

While many of the tongue-in-cheek references might pass over the heads of pretty much all of the target reading audience, the age appropriate jokes will keep them giggling. Son of LEGOscum hit this book hard and powered through the guidebook and hastened to the activities.

This is the kind of book that is good for a present at Christmas. I know I would have loved getting this in my stocking. The two books inside are fun, and I really liked the jokes in the handbook. It doesn’t make me want to be a stormtrooper who can’t shoot though but at least I got to learn a bot more about them. I think a Jedi guidebook would be cool. The minifig was pretty cool because it goes with the Snowtrooper minifig I got with my Advent calendar.

Cover mounted is a Snowtrooper minifig (Bricklink sw0568), last seen in 75098 Assault on Hoth and then with Hoth Attack (75138), AT-AT (75054) and Snowspeeder (75049). The minifig is a simple build and isn’t supplied with instructions so to make the build a bit easier for your mini master builder Rebelscum presents them below.

It only remains to ask does all this advice only stand firm in the LEGO Star Wars brickiverse or would it also work for the “real” stormtroopers of the Imperial forces? One can only guess.

Price : $10.99
Pages : 48
Pub Date : 27 December 2016
Age Range : 7 – 10
Grade Level : 2 – 5
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 0545925428/978-0545925426

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