Rumored UCS 2017 Set

Two years ago a new Rebel Snowspeeder set became the talk of the forums, and last year LEGO Star Wars fans began to hype up an A-Wing Fighter for 2017. Instead, after much speculation and rumour-mongering, the wise folk at LEGO decided to release a modified UCS Death Star, which sported a semi-prominent silhouette of the Millennium Falcon on it.

This gave rise to the suggestion that the next UCS set would be an updated replacement for the highly sought after 10179 Millennium Falcon set. The tenacity of this rumour has gained ground now that The Brick Fan has posted a speculative report on its existence. Pinches of salt are being doled all round, but remember that this is the same site that pretty much confirmed the 75159 Death Star, five months before LEGO confirmed it so clumsily.

If you enjoy surmising and postulating on the next LEGO Star Wars sets then head to the LEGO Star Wars 2017 News and Discussion thread in our forums and join in the chatter.

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