The Millennium Shroud?

Anticipation metres tweaked this afternoon when LEGO posted a picture of a shrouded box on their social media streams. The mystery box, which is covered in a layer of white gauze, is positioned next to a 10258 London Bus set for scale.

Some fans have said the inclusion of the iconic double-decker is for scale while others have noted that every time the Millennium Falcon has appeared in a Star Wars movie it has been filmed in London, while other fans have taken to more digital forensic techniques and blasted the image with special filters and ground-penetrating radar to reveal a LEGO logo (shock) and some strange outlines that supposedly represent a cockpit and the forward mandibles.

All I can see is a sailboat.

Turning the heat up even further is this post at Promobricks which reveals that the September calendar has early bird access to two new exclusive LEGO sets.

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