The Positive Power Of Reselling On eBay Today

While writing our VIP Early Access coverage we found someone who was prepared to swim against the current; a few days ago eBay seller Kidults put up a very special listing for the new UCS Millennium Falcon.

Purchased at the VIP Early Access midnight event at LEGO Leiceser Square it was not only amongst the first 100 sold worldwide, it was also signed by Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Michael Lee Stockwell, the two main influencers in the sets creation and design.

Added to that it also comes with:

  • exclusive VIP card (#81 of 100) in collector case (signed)
  • exclusive Millennium Falcon brochure (signed)
  • exclusive event wristband
  • exclusive queue card
  • exclusive launch guide
  • exclusive scratch card ticket with R2-D2 Polybag

All of this was listed for a starting price of £0.99 (approx US$1.30)! Now the more sceptical collector will easily recognise that putting all of this up was going to easily surpass the RRP of £800. Undoubtedly the seller is fully aware that this is an easy sell for them, so they are making sure that others benefit – if the sale price breaks £1000 they are going to donate 10% to the BBC’s Children in Need charity. They have also exclusively told Rebelscum that they will ratchet up the donation – anything over £2000 will be 20%, £3000 gives 30% and so on.

Is that enough enticement? Then jump straight over to the auction, because the image gallery alone is worth the look.

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