75195 Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker Microfighters

The first-ever LEGO Star Wars MicroFighter dual pack has been discovered, thanks to a Russian LEGO retailer who posted it ahead of the embargo.

Defeat the First Order’s Storm Walker with the help of a super-speeder equipped with skis.

Plant the pilot of the resistance spider and the First Order troopers in their cabins, charge the guns and get ready for an exciting adventure.

The set also includes a small shelter with additional weapons and ammunition for even more exciting battles!

Source: https://www.exoforce.ru/serii-lego/star-wars/star-wars-lego-75195-boy-pehotincev-pervogo-ordena-protiv-spidera-na-lyzhah.html

This double trouble pack pits a MicroFighter-scale Ski Speeder and an AT-MP walker is a chibi rendition of the Defense of Crait.

This is a very affordable way to get two key vehicles, both equipped with stud shooters, from The Last Jedi and come with two minifigs: First Order Walker Driver and Resistance Speeder Pilot.

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