75204 Sandspeeder Hands On Review

Is it from Last of the Jedi, Battlefront 4 or some throwback design that LEGO has latched on to? Though no one knows how this oddity fits in to the Star Wars universe it’s gaining a lot of attention.

Thanks to the brick aficionados at Brick Fanatics we have discovered that MandRproductions has secured a set and produced a review of it on Youtube.

Word on the hyperlanes is that this set is Target exclusive which got put out early. Confirmed price is US$29.99 and its UPC is 673419281713 and has a DCPI of 204-00-0294.

Stock tracking websites are showing that this is turning up all over the US, so there’s no need to rely on the secondary market to get this. Remember our credo #collect2collect.

forum member DutchVander reports that “Was just told by a target stocker the official release date is 11-26” and many readers are sending word of similar experiences.

This post originally appeared on Rebelscum.com on the 12th of November, 2017.

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