Toys “R” Us Pre-selling LEGO UCS Falcon

While many parts of the world have a comparative profusion of official LEGO brand outlets where the most-sought-after-set-in-the-world can generally be found while’s stocks are a big fat zero, and with only two official LEGO retail opportunities Australian’s have enjoyed fewer chances to purchase this set.

Recent news regarding several Australian retailers (Mr Toys, David Jones and Myers) has changed this – and now Bricking Around has confirmed that Toys “R” US AU will be selling it.

The RRP still closely matches that of’s shop@home AU$1300, but we can hope that with at least four regional and national retailers stocking it there will be some competitive discounting so that it gets closer to a price that would be similar to what the rest of the world pays – AU$1000.

Note that this is a pre-order page and purchases will be shipped in March, so if your desperate you could call your local DJ or Myers where the set has been seen in the wild.

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