75216 Snoke’s Throne Room

Doing the rounds in the most wretched hives of both scum and villainy, aka reddit, is this reportedly “obvious fake” of 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room which is due to be released this August.

Internet pundits are declaring this to be the work of a hoaxer, and point to the low quality of the render, the rudimentary building techniques used in the background curtain and the overlap of said curtain over the header as proof.

Others have countered, noting that LEGO’s early preliminary renders are sometimes of a poor resolution, often only intended to serve as concept illustrations and are hastily thrown together mock-ups. We’ve certainly seen evidence of the latter when advance artwork for 75159 UCS Death Star got shared on /r/lego.

Only time will tell if this image is a legitmate render or not. Of course, if LEGO hits us with a take down order we’ll have its authenticity all but confirmed.

In the meantime why not enjoy this fan made stop-motion brick flick of the scene in question.

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