Brick-Built BB-8 Polybag Promo

The clock is ticking down to the May The 4th Be With You celebrations and another piece of the plan is laid bare with a report from Promobricks that a new BB-8 polybag set is coming.

“However, we can already reveal a little secret. The popular BB-8 will soon be available as a polybag. However, not as a minifigure or key chain (there are both already), but from a small kit to assemble.”

Their report – sadly lacking any photographs – goes on to state that the set number is 40288 (which doesn’t match any entries in and the final build will bear a resemblance to last year’s Toys “RIP” Us make & take version but will have printed elements for the head and sides.

Promobricks promises to follow up with a picture soon – unless this is an early April Fool’s joke?

Entertainment Earth

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