Large-Scale Porg Too?

Not so long ago Rebelscum entertained the idea that a porg set – similar to the 7194 UCS Yoda statue – would be a fun addition to the LEGO Star Wars line up for The Last Jedi – and it looks like we weren’t far off the mark.

Now a rumour has popped up, started by Eurobrick insider Sir von LEGO, that a set depicting a cute and famous object from The Last Jedi would appear this year.

The set is described as similar to the not-quite-a-UCS BB-8 (75187) that was released in 2017. Given that 75221 is a number that has long been circulated as a reserved Star Wars set, could there be some truth in this news?

As forecast by our The Big Picture For The Year Ahead there is a UCS set expected for release in October – just in time for Thanksgiving. If this has whet your appetite then check these mouth-watering porg recipes out.

This post originally appeared on on the 19th of March, 2018.

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