Join Forces…

The marketing campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story has stepped up a notch with this promotional video featuring a number of the newest LEGO Star Wars sets.

While it is unlikely that this brickmotion featurette depicts any actual scenes from the upcoming Solo biopic, those wanting to avoid spoilers ought not to take the link above.

If you’re denying yourself the visuals and still want to know more picture a Corellian street scene with Han Solo’s Speeder being chased down by two over-competitive Imperial TIE Fighters. The single-mindedness of the pilots allows Han and Qi’Ra to escape through a drain and emerge into a spaceport.

There they bump into Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, stood beside the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon which serves to further aid their escape.

The foursome doesn’t get far before they are spotted by two more TIEs. With the underpowered laser turrets giving the Empire’s finest no cause for concern Han and Chewie join forces to build a more powerful hull-mounted cannon and quickly make short work of their pursuers, allowing them to escape to future adventures.

With just three LEGO Solo sets highlighted in the clip, more videos – with Imperial Patrol Battlepack and Moloch’s Landspeeder – are sure to follow.

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