New Star Wars Playset(s) Coming?

Beginning in 1999 (also known as 0 ALSW) there have been LEGO Star Wars playsets – starting with a simple 7121 Naboo Swamp and culminating in the superior 10236 Ewok Village – and with today’s latest offerings of 75208 Yoda’s Hut, 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina and 75200 Ahch-To Island Training only being available on backorder LEGO are showing they have truly hit their stride.

And now word has reached The Holo-Brick Archives that another playset is coming – bringing the year’s total of new playsets to four (including 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina, 75208 Yoda’s Hut and 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room).

Our anonymous informant is the same person who gave us the information on the 75215 Resistance Transport Ship, 75216 The Throne Room Duel and 75217 Republic V-Wing Torrent Fighter rumour that is now getting confirmed by other sources. His report states:

There is a Lego Store / Online exclusive set based on Solo: A Star Wars Story and retails for $29.99.

It is a terrain built with trees and a small trench that has lots of exploding features.


Mudtrooper (New Helmet mould),
Imperial Officer (New Face – Stubble, Scratched/Injured Face)
Chewbacca (Handcuffed!)

He adds that the set number is 75203 and expected to release August 1st. While none of this is particularly revelatory – 99% of the information provided can be taken from the Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story line-up and a handful of conjecture – it is made more intriguing with word that set 75203 is going to be a Walmart exclusive – and will be a Hoth scene.

Whether the sets will have the enigmatic red and white livery of The Last Jedi packaging or the retro-delic orange and browns of the Solo artwork – or any packaging at all – remains in the hands of LEGO.

This post originally appeared on on the 17th of April, 2018.

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