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The wait is over – if you are in North America, Europe or Oceania – because the time to buy LEGO sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story is NOW! If you’ve got dollars (accepting US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand varieties), pounds sterling, euros, kroner, złoty or francs in your wallet you’ll definitely want to click on the thumbnails below. If you shop with won you’re going to go away with a sad face.

75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

The premiere set of the movie’s LEGO line-up – famous for breaking speed space records and two Death Stars – before the galaxy’s greatest general smuggler owned it! With its new-spaceship-smell and smooth, clean wall upholstery this set is in a class of its own.


75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder

He might have his sights set on being the greatest pilot in the galaxy but this self-proclaimed hot rod driver has to get to grips with the underground street racing scene before his career as a smuggler can take off – and it all starts with this set!


75211 Imperial TIE Fighter

It’s just not a Star Wars movie without the characteristic scream (in space) of these equally characteristic spacefighters, and Solo isn’t going to disappoint. And with four minifigs – including one named Beckett you can’t go wrong.


75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder

Tear up the streets of Corellia with this biblically-named alien street racer and travelling menagerie as they go head to head with a cocky young upstart who wants to make a name for himself on the mean streets. But who will be the first to cross the finish line?


75207 Imperial Patrol Battlepack

One of the rare times when a battlepack isn’t a contrivance to sell minifigures, this small set depicts a pivotal chase scene in the new Solo movie that sees the eponymously named character having to flee the planet. Who wouldn’t when faced with the overwhelming odds of six stud shooters?


75535 Han Solo

One of the last in the buildable figure line that will see the Star Wars logo, this is currently the only rendition of the galaxy’s most (soon-to-be) famous smuggler. We think this set would look great accompanied by 75530 Chewbacca, who doesn’t look a day over 190 years old.


75536 Range Trooper

These burly guards, with their hirsute bearing, are tasked with protecting valuable cargo and staying warm while they stroll the length of the speeding Imperial monorail. Let’s hope no-one thinks to bring a degaussing gun to the fight.


All of this ties in with the 5005376 Darth Vader pod offer that LEGO will be running from April 13th to May 3rd in the US.

It is not yet known if this promotion will reach LEGOLAND and Certified Stores, nor if it will be run outside of the United States either but has unofficially confirmed that it will run in Germany and will require a €55 purchase of LEGO Star Wars during the offer period.

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