DE News: TRU LEGO Make & Take Round-Up

Branches of Toys “R” Us in Germany hosted a grand Star Wars event on May 5th that included a number of Disney/LEGO/Hasbro-designed Star Wars games and activities. Of interest to us on the LEGO team at The Holo-Brick Archives was the make & take Millennium Falcon build.

The build itself was recycled from a North American make & take that Toys “R” Us ran in April 2016. And without any blue highlights and an infilled front cargo area, it wasn’t particularly Solo-esque either.

The best thing about this build is that the LEGO design team made sure that this version of the Millennium Falcon contains no special bricks and can be built at home using the bricks you already have. And so for those of you who pursue all elements of LEGO Star Wars collecting the parts list and instructions (thanks to are below.

With the continued existence of the German, Austrian and Swiss arm of Toys “R” Us in doubt while their purchase by Smyths Toys goes through the approval process in the U.S. courts there is thought that this could be the last make & take seen in Northern Europe, making these instruction flyers even more of a draw to collectors.

However, without any particular regional branding or language there’s no reason these instructions couldn’t be reprinted and the event run in other Toys “R” Us regions or through a different retailer.

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