Digital Star Wars Marketing Campaign Launched


LEGO has just launched two new exciting campaigns to tie in with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story that lets shoppers build and purchase the Star Wars galaxy using on-screen LEGO sets.

In conjunction with a number of expert partners, including the award-winning Grand Visual who provided their expertise in production, animation and interactive builds, LEGO has installed a one-of-a-kind DOOH display at two locations in the UK.

The term DOOH – Digital Out of Home – marketing is probably a new one to most of us but it’s been around for decades; just think of those flashy animated billboards at New York’s Times Square, Picadilly Circus in London and every spare surface in Tokyo.

These allow users to design and virtually build their own spaceship on a touchscreen display, with the aim of achieving the sought after Jedi Master status. Participants are rewarded for taking part with the opportunity to ‘take a photo with the crew’, further amplifying the activity online through social sharing.

“This immersive experience brings LEGO sets to life through the strategic use of creative technology, allowing customers to get hands-on and explore the latest products in a fun and memorable way,” explains Ric Albert, Creative Director, Grand Visual.

If you’re in the UK then head to either the Bluewater and Newcastle Metro Centre malls where the display will be until the end of the week. There’s currently no information if the two displays will travel around the country, however.

The second is on a much smaller scale – an augmented reality (AR) phone app that allows the user to virtually picture a number of sets in their own home.

Along with LEGO, UK high-street retailer Argos have upgraded their iOS shopping app to include the ability to display one of thirty AR-enabled sets on a live image on your camera. The models are rendered in 3D so if you move around the set moves with you. This would be a great way to your partner demonstrate how well the new UCS Millennium Falcon would look in your living room – if only it was in the app’s digital library!

Currently, there are only 30 sets are available to view in AR at present, including the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Solo, the Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle and the Ninjago Movie Quake Mech.

But Argos plans to have up to 100 different LEGO sets fully available through the app’s AR function by the end of July.

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