LEGOPalooza 2018 Coverage

Back in January the North Carolina LEGO USers Group (NCLUG) hosted their annual LEGOpalooza event at the Morehead Planetarium, and had a number of impressive Star Wars creations on display. LEGO fan and Star Wars collector Richard went along to make sure our viewers had a chance to check out their impressive work.

The NCLUG was very welcoming and I was given the opportunity to display my creations along with their own. One of the larger displays – the giant AT-ATs – was not designed by any of the NCLUG members. I understand another gentleman made instructions for his custom design, and two of the NCLUG members built their own giant AT-AT with them. The 501st Legion recently displayed the same AT-AT design at BrickUniverse, so it seems to be a very popular custom Star Wars model.

One of the collaborative displays features the creatures on a glider, roller skates, and a rock climbing wall. The green river in the MOC is actually supposed to be “Mountain Dew”. After seeing this MOC, it makes me think PepsiCo missed an opportunity to make a Star Wars commercial featuring the creatures.

To my knowledge, there were only two non-LEGO elements used in the Star Wars display. One is a bent clothes-hanger used to reinforce the big palm tree in one of the buildable action figure displays. The second is more obvious, and can be seen being “deployed” by a snow speeder trying to tie one of the AT-ATs legs together.

You can check out full album on Flickr for even more pictures from the event.

While LEGOPalooza is their biggest show NCLUG also display their creations for a number of other events. The NCLUG been invited to do displays for the local Marbles IMAX theater during events like the launch of The Last Jedi, the live action Beauty And The Beast and a May The 4th Be With You diorama at an area opticians.

If you want assistance with a LEGO event or would like them to put on a display for your business you can contact them through their Facebook page for more information.

About The Author:
Richard, also known as Imatron in the LEGO community, runs the Bionicle-centric and likes to display his creations at events like Brickfair, Brickfest, BrickUniverse, Brick Magic – and more recently at LEGOpalooza.

The Holo-Brick Archives welcomes guest writers so if you have an aspect of LEGO Star Wars that you want to share feel free to contact us and pitch your idea!

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