More Clues About 75217 Chimera Set

The major piece of information that have emerged about mysterious LEGO Solo: A Star Wars set code named Chimera: an image that is roundly believed to be an official LEGO product shot of the cargo hauler seen in the official trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The mechanism in the shoulders – built from Technic elements – suggests that when the lifting arms are rotated the upper grapples will swing out and may link in with some kind of cargo container, possibly (likely) to be the one seen being boosted in the heist on Vandor. The code-named Gorgon (75219) set is thought to be the Conveyex train and will probably have paired play action with this.

The only minifig shown with the set is Rio Durant, the four-armed alien pilot voiced by Jon Favreu, but it is believed that the set will contain three of four more minifigs to complete the play environment.

The set’s official name hasn’t been announced yet but our best guess is “Imperial AT-Hauler” as revealed by Jon Favreu’s post on Twitter.

Data gleaned from various retailers’ stock systems leads us to believe that this set will have 829 pieces and retail for $99.99. While LEGO chose not to put this or set 75219 on display at last week’s Fall 2018 LEGO Collection Preview Experience (aka #LEGOGoals) an official reveal is expected to be coming soon.

Until then the current selection of sets from the Solo range is available at LEGO Shop@home, priced from $15 to $170.

This post originally appeared on on the 20th of May, 2018.

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