Praetorian Guard Minifig

The notion that the wave of advance pictures come out four months in front of a new set’s release is further confirmed by the discovery of this picture of a minifig that could be one of the Praetorian Guards from the all-most-officially-confirmed upcoming 75216 Snoke’s Throne Room set.


With the exception of the legs/skirt piece being on backwards this minifig is identical to the ones seen in the The Last Jedi In Two Minutes brickmotion movie that LEGO released in late March. At the time it was suspected that the clip depicting Snoke’s Throne Room scene was a trolling teaser for the set which is due out in August.

It’s worth reflecting on the fact that the helmet of the one depicted in 75529 Elite Praetorian Guard buildable figure is a different design, and could indicate that there will be a second sculpted helmet in minifig scale.

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