Tobias Beckett (Vandor Outfit) Minifig

Now that we have been treated to the Enfys Nest TV Spot it’s great to see Tobias Beckett finally makes an appearance in his civilian garb.

Whether this minifig is in set 75215 is nothing but conjecture and many fans are suggesting it could be part of the 75219 “Gorgon” set, which is currently believed to be the engine and carriage of the Conveyex train upon which the pivotal heist takes place.

Until now we have only seen the Long John Silver of the Star Wars galaxy in 75211 Imperial Fighter where he is in the Mimban Stormtrooper disguise.

The face print might be a bit vague (but that’s probably the quality of the photo) the side-swept hairpiece and torso/lego print captures Woody Harrelson’s character to a tee.

If you’re getting excited about the upcoming release of Solo: A Star Wars Movie on May 25th then don’t forget you can already get the new LEGO sets from the movie before the rest of the world get swept away by the hype.

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