Club 75192 Update

Holders of the much bemoaned black VIP card that was earned through an early bird purchase of 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon have today received their latest newsletter.

Though it isn’t much of a page scroller it does make the public announcement who the winner of the draw for the platinum R2-D2 minifig is – Bryan from

Seemingly the news has been kept on the low down since June 13th when Bryan posted an unboxing video of his win. It’s not hard to see from his lacklustre presentation why the video hasn’t gone viral – or perhaps he is downplaying it all so as not to appear boastful. Either way, congrats Bryan!

The second part of the email shares word that shop@home is running an exclusive promotion for a 40298 DJ minifig in polybag.

To score one of these VIP members have to make a purchase through and enter their unique code when they check out. The offer runs until June 30th (or while stocks last).

Regular followers of Club 75192 offers will recall that LEGO declared there would be three types of promotions during 2018.

With two already run it will be interesting to see what the exclusive access will be. In the past VIP members have been given the chance to purchase D2C sets ahead of the general public, and with the rumour mill grinding around a supposed Cloud City set we wonder if this might be the next big opportunity for early 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon investors.

You can share your thoughts on the black VIP card programme in our dedicated thread in our LEGO forum.

This post originally appeared on on the 26th of June, 2018.

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