New Solo Torso Reveal?

With today’s release of the latest LEGO catalogue (June – December 2018) a number of minifigs that have only been alluded to were exposed. And while it didn’t contain anything that hadn’t already been leaked or shown off at the LEGO Collection Preview Experience last month, there is one surprising detail that has gone largely unnoticed until now.

It wasn’t long after the first images from the 2H18 preview that LEGO held in New York last month went up before an eagle-eyed fan realised that the torso print on the RA-7 minifig wasn’t particularly droid like.

The mystery deepened when the Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide was published with a photo of two Imperial Officers and Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story included a painting of an Imperial Conveyex Gunner.

And now with the first official and complete images of 75220 Sandcrawler we can see that the torso print displayed with this set at the 2H18 preview show was indeed wrong. The correct print show below is quite clearly the chest and waist of an RA-7 droid.

Two questions remain: why did LEGO put the wrong torso piece out and what set does the piece come with? For the first, it was either a mistake, an attempt to replace a lost/incomplete set at short notice or a teaser. As for the second, your guess is as good as ours. The latest intel on the expected Imperial AT-Hauler and Imperial Conveyex sets does not include any mention of an Imperial officer or gunner.

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This post originally appeared on on the 4th of June 2018

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