SDCC LEGO Exclusive Revealed

Roll back the clock with this cockpit vignette of the Millennium Falcon, care of LEGO and San Diego Comic Con.

None of the 203 pieces in 75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit is unique which means that, between your LEGO bucket, Bricklink and the Pick-A-Brick wall at your nearest LEGO brand store, this set can be assembled without stepping foot on the grounds at San Diego Convention Center. And so, despite detractors complaining about exclusivity and scalpers, its only one-of-a-kind elements are the instruction booklet and VHS-inspired box.

The mechanism for distributing this set hasn’t been revealed yet but the thought that LEGO will employ the frustrating queue-for-a-raffle-ticket-and-then-wait-for-the-announcement mechanism is a likely one. Similarly the quantities and price are unknowns too.

Remember, be kind rewind.

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