Exclusive Millennium Falcon Cockpit Instructions


It’s long been a practice of vendors to release an exclusive piece of merchandise at conventions like San Diego Comic Con, and as appealing and interesting as they are they always leave a significant portion of fans unhappy.


Whether it be the limited availability, the difficulty in getting the time or ability to secure one at the event or the ridiculous seconday market prices fetched by convention excluisves, very few vendors get to the other side of an exclusive without having some criticism levelled at them.

But over the years a number of companies have taken note and instead of developing an item that is several thousand of a kind and only available at a particular geekoree they’ve opted for a less contentious approach by preducing exclusive packaging while making the contents generally available.

The slip-cased 75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit that LEGO lotteried off at San Diego Comic Con was a prime example: the box it came in is extremely limited (on the scale the LEGO normally produces sets) but the pieces that make it up are all available on the general market.

And now LEGO have put the instructions in the public domain! Thumb your way through our gallery – or grab a PDF if a slide show doesn’t float your boat.

If you are keen to build more of your own LEGO SDCC exclusives, like 75597 Ant-Man and The Wasp or the striking 75996 Aquaman and Storm sets then head over to brothers Brick Fanatics where you can find links to the rest of the instructions.

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