Star Wars Trading Cards From Blue Ocean

Hot off the press, via, is the news that the same German publisher who brings out the monthly LEGO Star Wars Magazine will be producing a collectible trading card game – coming out on August 11th.

To kick off the collection Blue Ocean will be including a cover-mounted starter pack in the August edition of the German language LEGO Star Wars Magazine, which is due out on August 1st.

Over the next half a year a total of 252 cards will be released. This will include 24 limited edition gold cards which will be distributed via a number of official LEGO magazines – though not necessarily the LEGO Star Wars Magazine. Promobricks has posted a distribution list of the above pictured cards:

LE01 – 11.08.2018 – Starter-Pack
LE02 – 11.08.2018 – LEGO Star Wars Magazine Number 39
LE03 – 08.09.2018 – LEGO Star Wars Magazine Number 40
LE04 – 13.09.2018 – 5! Magazine 10/18
LE05 – xx.10.2018 – Extra Pack
LE06 – 18.09.2018 – LEGO Ninjago Comic Number 27
LE07 – 11.08.2018 – Multi Pack
LE08 – 11.08.2018 – Multi Pack
LE09 – 11.08.2018 – Multi Pack
LE10 – 11.08 .2018 – Multi Pack
LE11 – 13.10.2018 – LEGO Star Wars Magazine Number 41
LE12 – 28.08.2018 – LEGO Ninjago Magazine Number 41
LE13 – 23.10.2018 – LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine Number 31
LE14 – 11.10.2018 – 5! Magazine 11/18
LE15 – 17.11.2018 – LEGO Star Wars magazine number 42
LE16 – 30/10/2018 – LEGO Ninjago magazine number 43
LE17 – not yet known – Mini Tin Version C
LE18 – not yet known
LE19 – xx.09.2018 – Blister Pack
LE20 – xx.09.2018 – Blister Pack
LE21 – xx.09.2018 – Blister Pack
LE22 – not yet known – Mini Tin version B
LE23 – not yet known – Mini Tin version A
LE24 – xx.09.2018 – Blister Pack

The initial assortment will come out in the standard trading card starter pouches, and from September five blister packs will be released, followed by multi-packs in October. A series of three premium tinned collections are planned for later this year – presumably nearer Christmas.

It is not known whether these will be distruted outside of Blue Ocean’s native German speaking audience, or if they will be translated into any other languages, yet.

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