Star Wars Trading Cards Hit The UK

Two of the world most popular franchises – LEGO and Star Wars – look set to be a massive collectable hit for Immediate Media.

This new licensed product will depict characters, vehicles, planets and classic scenes and is a logical extension to Immediate Media’s portfolio which already contains six other LEGO magazines, including LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Nexo Knights. (Egmont Publishing has the UK license for the English language version of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine, unlike Blue Ocean who has the license for both the LEGO Star Wars magazine and trading cards.)

Assistant Publisher Alex Coates-Newman says “We are thrilled to be working with two of the most iconic franchises for boys in LEGO and Star Wars. LEGO has grown rapidly over the last five years to become the biggest boys brand in magazines, and the longevity of Star Wars is unparalleled. This collection has been the perfect opportunity for us to expand our portfolio and move into the collectables sector. We see LEGO Star Wars trading cards being hot property for primary boys and super-fans.”

Series one launched on August 29th with five card booster packs priced at £1, multipacks include four booster packs and two exclusive limited edition foil cards (22 cards in total) and are £3.99 each, and the starter pack with exclusively limited Yoda foil card, a booster pack, collector’s binder and poster is £4.99.

Like the Deutschsprachige serie from Blue Ocean there are 252 cards in total and will be made available through a number of series, and will include collector’s tins, between now and Christmas. There is no word on whether special cards will be cover-mounted on other Immediate Media titles yet, but given the synergy of their portfolio it is likely.

Head down to your local supermarket, newsagency or independent comic book store to start your collection now!

This post originally appeared on on the 30th of August, 2018.

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