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Though the popularity of the second standalone Star Wars movie might be in question it still managed to stay in theatres for 17 weeks and held on to the #1 box office ticket sales for the first two weeks of its run, reports

The initial release took place on April 12th, with seven sets (including two buildable figures) officially hitting toy shelves – though there were reports of toy shops breaking the embargo to get a jump on their competitors – followed by the second wave of sets on August 1st.

Whether you liked the movie or not, collectors are still enjoying a continuing run of Solo merchandise and so we thought now was time to take a post-release look before the Winter 2019 sets drop.

Here we present, in movie scene order so you can play it out, the complete range of extant Solo: A Star Wars Story sets for your perusal.

75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder

“It is a lawless time” isn’t better illustrated than the opening shot of the movie – Han hotwiring a speeder and making his get away from an escapade gone wrong. It’s not long before we see it again, with Han and Qi’ra using it to flee their scrumrat life. [Discuss this set]


75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder

With our two young heroes on the lam it’s up to Moloch, enforcer of the White Worm gang, to get them back to the crimelord’s den and in line. Jumping in his own speeder, Moloch takes off through the streets and alleys of the industrial sections of Coronet City. The chase is on! [Discuss this set]


75207 Imperial Patrol Battlepack

Portraying the Imperial security forces or Corellia – or Corellia Highway Patrol (ChiPs) – is this cool little battle pack that has the distinct honour of having actually been on screen. Shame it was for fewer seconds than it took Han to boost the M-68 landspeeder that woke them up. This set also provides two extra minifigs that set you up for building your own Coronet Spaceport play set. [Discuss this set]


75211 Imperial TIE Fighter

Though these iconic Imperial space supremacy fighters were going to feature in Han’s brief career as an Imperial pilot they got cut – you’ll just have to watch the DVD/Blu-Ray to see these deleted scenes – and were included in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene during the sequence when our intrepid hustler-heroes are making their escape from Kessel. This set’s packaging clearly shows a planet with a starry background so we are pegging this to be from one of the aforementioned deleted scenes. [Discuss this set]


40300 Han Solo Mudtrooper

After flunking out of Imperial flight school, Han Solo finds himself consigned to the fate of a ground pounder stationed on the muddy world of Mimban. While fighting for the Empire and his life, Han gets tossed to The Beast – a prisoner named Chewbacca – and manages to hook up with Beckett’s gang. This minifig was only available as a promotional polybag at a limited number of LEGOLAND Parks and is only available to buy on secondary market places like eBay or Bricklink.

30498 Imperial AT-Hauler

Either this set is very small or very far away. This miniaturised version of the Y-45 Armored Transport Hauler is used on Mimban to deploy field hardware, like AT-DPs, right to where they are needed on the battlefield. This version has not been released yet but is slated, according to our report, to be a Walmart exclusive. [Discuss this set]

75535 Han Solo

Looking every part the Dapper DHan, our hero and titular character is sporting the fanciest duds he could find in an attempt to impress his soon-to-be-boss and face of Crimson Dawn – Dryden Voss – with his style, charm and whit during their initial meeting aboard the First Light. [Discuss this set]


75219 Imperial AT-Hauler

The staple of every great Western is the train robbery, and short of riding up to the caboose on horses this section of Solo captures all the excitement in a series of parkouring-shouting-shooting-running action shots. The heist on! As a standalone set the inclusion of two Dryden’s Guards minifigs is confusing but remember that this is just part of a bigger play environment that also let’s you enact the skirmish on Savareen. [Discuss this set]


75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport

Magnetic levitation, stunning scenery, high coaxium action – what more could you want in the act that has Beckett, Han and Chewie stealing a case of McGuffin from the Empire? How about a couple of parka wearing fashionista Range Trooper minifigs with “real” magnetic boots to defend the payload? Done. Combine this set with 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler to have the best day of your life! [Discuss this set]


75536 Range Trooper

Looking like an albino Cylon this Imperial buildable figure is down home on the range with its winter woolies and spring loaded heavy blaster. Let’s hope it can’t get to grips with the situation and protect the coaxium from the raiders. [Discuss this set]


75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

The final set in the tryptic, Enfys Next makes his (listen to the dialogue!) first appearance when the Cloud Rider gang make their first grab at the Empire’s main source of fleet power. Though the packaging shows snowy landscape of Vandor 1 and the movie’s scene has five swoop bikes this set only has two and includes a Tobias Beckett minifig with twin blasters. The only conclusion is that this set is designed to double up with the reappearance of the depleted Cloud Riders at coaxium refinery complex. [Discuss this set]


75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

Back before it had set the record for the Kessel Run, got it its quad guns, grungy exterior and hard-worn interior the Millennium Falcon was a ship of beauty – sleek on the outside and lavish on the inside. Own the high-end version without putting a UCS size hole in your pocket. [Discuss this set]


40299 Kessel Mine Worker

Polybags are a great way to introduce obscure background characters without the expense of buying a new set. If you want to build your own spice coaxium mine control room and want to keep Quay Tolsite, DD-BD and the Kessel Operations Droid minifigs company then start hunting this one down because this minifig was only available as a promotional polybag at a limited number of LEGOLAND Parks and is only available to buy on secondary market places like eBay or Bricklink.

30381 Imperial TIE Fighter

Another promotional set that got extremely limited circulation, this mini TIE Fighter could be (and we’re saying this because the polybag’s background shows a vaguely gassy nebula) from the chase through the Akkadese Maelstrom. If you’re looking to add this to your collection follow this news post for a possible solution. [Discuss this set]

75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit

This set was only made available at the LEGO booth at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (2018) and depicts the moment when Han and Chewie take over ownership of the Millennium Falcon. It’s not to the same scale as 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon so you won’t be ableto retrofit this vignette sadly. Head to eBay or Bricklink, rather than, for a chance to add this to your toy shelf.

What’s to come? There are certainly some sizeable gaps in the LEGO toy line, with fans noting Mimban scenes are very light on sets, Kessel is practically unrepresented and Savareen is totally missed out. Sadly, with the exception of the rumoured Mimban Trench scene/playset with Chewbacca in chains and muddy Han Solo minifigs, there are no whispers about forthcoming Solo sets. If you’ve got any suggetions or ideas you want to put forward you can jump over to our Solo – What’s Missing? discussion thread.

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This post originally appeared on on the 26th of September, 2018.

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