Star Wars Trading Cards – The Cover Mounts

Given the nature of Immediate Media’s portfolio of children and youth titles it isn’t surprising that the publishing company is going to leverage the popularity of its new LEGO Star Wars Trading Cards collection to promote sales of three of its magazines. After all, it is what Blue Ocean in Germany did.

In a similar vein to the monthly LEGO Star Wars Magazine published by Egmont, there are two LEGO titles that are being included in the co-promotion: LEGO Nexo Knights and LEGO Ninjago. The third publication is Mega Magazine, a comic full of games, activities, posters and competitions that is aimed at boy aged 7-10.

The table below shows the publishing schedule for the bonus cover-mounted LEGO Star Wars Trading Card booster packs. These are normal booster packs

Publication Issue # Release Date*
LEGO Ninjago 41 05/09/18
LEGO Nexo Knights 29 12/09/18
Mega Magazine 73 12/09/18
LEGO Ninjago 42 03/10/18
LEGO Nexo Knights 30 10/10/18
Mega Magazine 74 10/10/18
Mega Magazine 75 07/11/18
Mega Magazine 76 05/12/18

* Dates use the British convention of dd/mm/yy

These magazines typically sell for £4 so are a more costly purchase than the standard booster packs that are available for £1. Nor will the cover-mounted booster packs have any limited edition cards in them.

This post originally appeared on on the 5th of September, 2018.

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