Star Wars Trading Cards – The Limited Editions

The publicity surrounding the new LEGO Star Wars trading card collection was bit limited in the run up to their release last Friday (August 31st) but Immediate Media has become aware that there is a growing demand from outside of their traditional markets, and has reached out to the LEGO and Star Wars collecting communities to pass on information.

The new collection of 252 cards will be decorated with the same LEGO-ised versions of Star Wars characters, vehicles, planets and classic scenes that we’ve become used to through the numerous media platforms that LEGO has utilised, starting with the first LEGO Star Wars Video Game back in 2005 (incidentally the last time a LEGO Star Wars computer title was released in the same year as a movie).

The bulk of the cards are being released through three series in booster and multipacks and will number in the tens of thousands, meaning that there won’t be a shortage of nearly 95% of collection. However there will be 20 cards that are going to be released outwith these avenues and will be printed in limited numbers.

Card #/Name Print Run Publication Release
LE01 Master Yoda 50000 Starter Pack Now
LE02 Obi-Wan Kenobi 12500 Multipack (series 1) Now
LE03 Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker
12500 Multipack (series 1) Now
LE04 Han Solo 12500 Multipack (series 2) Now
LE05 Chewbacca 12500 Multipack (series 2) Now
LE06 Anakin Skywalker 12500 Multipack (series 3) Now
LE07 Rey 12500 Multipack (series 3) Now
LE08 Poe Dameron 12500 Multipack (series 4) Now
LE09 Finn 12500 Multipack (series 4) Now
LE10 Captain Rex 5000 Tin Box (series 1) Oct
LE11 Darth Vader 5000 Tin Box (series 1) Oct
LE12 Darth Maul 5000 Tin Box (series 1) Oct
LE13 Captain Phasma 5000 Tin Box (series 2) Oct
LE14 General Grievous 5000 Tin Box (series 2) Oct
LE15 Kylo Ren 5000 Tin Box (series 2) Oct
LE16 Death Trooper 5000 Tin Box (series 3) Oct
LE17 Boba Fett 5000 Tin Box (series 3) Oct
LE18 Imperator 5000 Tin Box (series 3) Oct
LE19 Anakin Skywalker
vs Count Dooku
70000 Mega Magazine Oct
LE20 Luke Skywalker
vs Darth Vader
110000 LEGO Star Wars Magazine TBD

With thanks to Siobhan at Immediate Media for sharing the above information. We’ll be bringing you more news on these as it emerges.

This post originally appeared on on the 3rd of September, 2018.

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