Toys “R” Us CA Bricktober Has Mini AT-Hauler

It’s hard to believe Bricktober has been running ten years, and while the original spooky sentiment might have shifted to a broader appeal the fact that there is a still a Toys “R” Us somewhere on the planet to run it is cause for celebration in itself!

For those not in the know, from the first full week at the start of October through to the end of the last full week of the month, Toys “R” Us marks their long running relationship with LEGO by marking all LEGO prices down by 20% and giving out a selection of free LEGO gifts with qualifying LEGO purchases.

This year they are kicking off Bricktober with the choice of three sets – including the 30498 Imperial AT-Hauler polybag! All you need to do is make a $30 pre-tax purchase of any LEGO sets between September 28 (today) and October 4 (next Thursday) to get yours.

If spending $30 on LEGO doesn’t fit your budget right now then order the set direct (in store pick up only) for less than CA$5.

You can get in on all the month’s action by jumping to the Bricktober calendar and checking out all the offers, which include four different minifigure collections.

This post originally appeared on on the 28th of September, 2018.

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