2019 Speculations Abound

Twenty years ago next March the very first licensed sets ever produced by LEGO were released to an excited public, and LEGO is sure to mark this milestone with something more than just special.

Before we get stuck in Rebelscum wants to state right up front that we don’t know if any of this is true or not. The validity of this report is based purely on unsubstantiated news being posted in the LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion thread over at Eurobricks. But we have strong reason to believe that most, if not all, of it is accurate.

As the year progresses the sets will get more intricate, with a number of entry level/4+ (aka LEGO Junior) sets starting the proceedings. The initial offerings will represent the full range of the license – with movies and TV shows getting attention from the LEGO Star Wars team.


75223 Sith Infiltrator (82 pieces) – $9.99
75224 Naboo Starfighter (92 pieces) – $9.99
75225 Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack (109 pieces) – $14.99
75226 Clone Troopers Battle Pack (118 pieces) – $14.99
75227 Escape Pod/Dewback MicroFighter (177 pieces) – $19.99
75228 Classic Microfighter dual-pack (177 pieces) – $19.99
75229 unknown play set (329 pieces) – $29.99
75233 Droid Gunship (389 pieces) – $49.99
75234 AT-AP (689 pieces) – $59.99
75235 X-Wing Starfighter (132 pieces) – $29.99
75236 unknown play set (191 pieces) – $19.99
75237 TIE Fighter (77 pieces) – $19.99
75247 A-Wing Starfighter (62 pieces) – $14.99


75238 Death Star play set (193 pieces) – $29.99
75239 unknown small playset (235 pieces) – $29.99
75241 unknown big play set (504 pieces) – $59.99
75242 unknown hero ship (??? pieces) – $49.99
75243 Slave 1 (1007 pieces) – $119.99
75244 unknown UCS set

As the year moves along so will the complexity of the builds and a number of UCS sets will pop up throughout the calendar. May is set to be a special month and though the current information is scant it is expected that there will be a lot more to mark the International Month Of Star Wars, so stay tuned.


????? May The 4th Be With You commemorative set – $119.99
75240 unknown villain ship (496 pieces) – $69.99
75252 unknown UCS set

After a four-month hiatus the real anniversary celebrations will kick off, and those who have been following LEGO Star Wars for its entire lifespan will be rewarded with a number of more advanced 14+ sets that will commemorate two decades of the LEGO Star Wars license. While it is far from confirmed these are believed to be retrospective sets that will have a heavy retrospective influence.


75258 20th Anniversary set (278 pieces) – $29.99
75259 20th Anniversary set (Walmart Exclusive/??? pieces) – $39.99
75261 20th Anniversary set (Walmart Exclusive/250 pieces) – $29.99
75262 20th Anniversary set (Walmart Exclusive/??? pieces) – $19.99

And don’t forget the list of polybags that we shared earlier in the month.

Again, this is all rumour so don’t set any stock to this report until it is officially confirmed by LEGO. That said there are two things leading Rebelscum to believe this list is credible – that they have come from Sir von Lego, a long-standing and trusted member of the Eurobricks forum, and little nods we have been receiving from the scrumrats who inhabit the darker levels of the LEGO Star Wars community.

Stick around because more information is sure to come in. And while you wait why not pop over to our LEGO discussion forums and share any news you’ve come across.

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