From Trenches to Wrenches II – The Roger Story

In this episode we catch a glimpse of R0-GR and Pace, a previous owner, crash on a remote and forlorn planet infested with Rancors. In this spot – entitled “It Gets Ugly” – the duo must work together to escape. Hit play below to find out, and then read Son of LEGOscum’s thoughts on the second spot of the new All-Stars series coming to DisneyXD Youtube and Disney Now this week.

“It wasn’t as funny as the last one, but I really did like the crash landing on the Rancor planet. This show was a good way to demonstrate that LEGO isn’t just a set but can be rebuilt in lots of different ways. And Roger needs to get over himself.”

The concept of the Ugly – any type of starfighter that had been cobbled together out of parts that had been salvaged from varying origins – is not a new one and was first introduced in the now Legends novel Ambush at Corellia from 1995.

In modern canon the first appearance of the Ugly was in the 2016 comic series Poe Dameron and of course, in the LEGO universe, The Freemaker Adventures series relied heavily on the concept. Sets based on the series are still available from, as is the DVD of the second season.

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