From Trenches to Wrenches III – The Roger Story

In this short, which overlaps with characters from Rogue One, the hapless R0-GR scuppers a mission that is 99.7% criticisable. Hit play below to find out what The Good Stuff is all about, and then read Son of LEGOscum’s thoughts on the third spot of the new All-Stars series coming to DisneyXD Youtube and Disney Now this week.

“This is my favourite one so far. I loved Rogue One and have all the sets that LEGO made. It was fun to see K-2SO again and the whole episode had a much stronger Star Wars feel than the other ones. It seemed more authentic, maybe because there was less Roger in it?”

If these minisodes were canon then this would be the first appearance of Cassion Andor and the retrieval of the Death Star plans. Thankfully it is not, because it makes the sacrifice that Jyn and Cassian made at the end of Rogue One a senseless one.

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