From Trenches to Wrenches – The Roger Story

Until the Freemakers found him, R0-GR was just one of the millions of battle droids manufactured during the Clone Wars who had ended his days rusting in a garbage pit.

But were the events that took him from his activation just before the Battle of Naboo to those final climactic days of the Clone Wars? Hit play below to find out, and then read Son of LEGOscum’s thoughts on the first of the new All-Stars series coming to DisneyXD Youtube and Disney Now this week.

“After watching this it was cool to learn about why Roger is made up of different coloured parts. I didn’t know he got blown up at Naboo and Geonosis, and that glowy mushroom planet where Aayla Secura got Order 66’d. It was pretty funny that he got flattened by an AT-TE foot. I think that I have the set of the speeder driven by Grievous too.”

Though there hasn’t been any news that there will be a tie-in line of sets, a number of vehicles and craft featured in the clip have already been given the LEGO treatment. These can be found in the LEGO Star Wars section of the shop@home website.

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