Are Star Wars Days 2019 Cancelled?

Ever since 2008, a special Star Wars Days celebration has been an important event on the LEGOLAND and LEGO Discovery Centres around the world – so much so that special promotional bricks are “minted” to commemorate them.

But could 2019 see a gap in an unblemished record?

A tip-off in a LEGO forum first started the whispers, when Ben from shared word that he had picked up on rumours that Disney and Lucasfilm have chosen to cancel LEGO Star Wars Days in the LEGOLAND Resorts as of the end of 2018.

Rebelscum contacted all the LEGOLAND Parks and LEGO Discovery Centre’s in the US, Canada and UK for a comment. Only LEGOLAND Florida, California and Windsor replied (what a win for public relations) and their very noncommital answer was that they hadn’t finalised their events schedules for 2019 yet.

Rebelscum also reached out to Ace – who has been deeply involved with the California park’s LEGO Star Wars activities for over a decade – at From Bricks To Bothans, who has since reported that he has “recently confirmed the bad news. Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND California has been cancelled for 2019” and there is no word whether the event will return the next year.

While this is unofficial until Merlin Entertainment – the owner of LEGOLAND Parks and Discovery Centres – issues a statement, we only have Ace’s word to go on but with Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars park at DisneyLand opening in the third quarter of 2019 it’s not hard to connect the dots. But if you are a fan of The LEGO Movie then next year’s park events schedule is going to please you because there is going to be an The LEGO Movie Days to ensure everything is awesome.

Remember, this isn’t official and so far only relates to LEGOLAND California; the landscape might be completely different elsewhere.

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