Star Wars Days Are Cancelled

With the slow trickle of information coming from LEGO, silence on the part of Merlin Entertainment (owner of the LEGO Star Wars Days hosting locations) and the static coming from the franchise’s owners it was hard to believe that the rumours about these grassroots and highly fan-orientated events were true.

But they are; the very last LEGO Star Wars Days – hosted at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Westchester has been and gone.

The official word has come to Rebelscum from Lucasfilm that “2018 would be the last year they do them” and an unnamed source at Disney has suggested that the motivation was to refocus expenditure and limit Star Wars exposure to reset the franchise and allow fans to heal.

Before anyone goes off and creates another LEGO petition at, consider the fact that decisions can be un-made, and there’s every hope that LEGO Star Wars Days will return to our calendars at some point in the future.

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