Official Pics Of New Sets

Yesterday we brought you our from-the-floor gallery yesterday, and now we share the official images of some of the April sets being added to the Star Wars theme.

The newest addition to the line is the Action Battle sets, a themed series of midway/sideshow builds that enact a shooting range-style battle game, and is being marketed to younger builders.

  • 75238 Endor Assault (~200 pieces) – US$29.99/€29.99
  • 75239 Hoth Generator (~200 pieces) – US$29.99/€29.99
  • 75241 Echo Base (~500 pieces) – US$59.99/€59.99

With a successful first season, and news that a second season has been approved, it should come as no surprise that Star Wars Resistance is making an appearance in brick, with two spacecraft being selected.

  • 75240 Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter (~500 pieces) – US$69.99/€69.99
  • 75242 Black Ace’s TIE Fighter (~400 pieces) – US$59.99/€59.99

If LEGO is your bag then keep an eye on Cool Toy Review where we share our non-Star WarsLEGO news.

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