75245 Star Wars Advent Calendar Info

When the LEGO catalogue for the second half of 2019 accidentally went up yesterday, those that managed to catch them before LEGO pulled them down were surprised to find out that there weren’t any pictures of sets from The Rise of Skywalker, and the inclusion of the next LEGO Star Wars advent calendar and details on 75253 BOOST Droid Commander (both due out at the start of September) was enough to bring smiles to the faces of fans.

Oddly, however, the 2HY19 LEGO started to be replaced without the graphic of the advent calendar. Luckily a number of savvy readers saved a screenshot and went so far as to figure out what mini builds are coming.

Out of the twenty-four surprises, we can safely pick out Chewbacca, Old Man Luke (with fish stick), Rebel Fleet Trooper, Cloud Car Pilot and First Order Stormtrooper minifigs as well as Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, First Order Death Star, Twin Pod Cloud Car, Escape Pod, a camp fire, Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, a mouse droid, GONK in Christmas wrappings and a festive porg. By our count that’s fourteen – so ten to go.

No matter how many times we say “enhance” we can’t work out what the object to the left of the Cloud Car Pilot minifigure is though. Share your guesses in our new forum thread and see what other Rebelscum readers’ thoughts on this set are.

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