Big LEGO Star Wars Reveal Coming

Shared via their Twitter account earlier today, LEGO has released a teaser trailer for a new Star Wars set that is due to be revealed on September 5th.

The 11-second clip depicts a number of rooms in a typical household with a triangular shadow on the wall being cast, while the Imperial March plays in the background.

There are a number of props in the scene that may or may not be clues to the nature of the set. Cast your mind back to the promotional campaign for 75192 Millennium Falcon and you’ll recall all kinds of Easter eggs and cryptic reveals – but with an announcement date less than a week away we haven’t got time for a cunning trail of teasers.

And while neither the video nor the post’s attached text specifically mentions a set number or name it’s being taken that this is the much rumoured Imperial Star Destroyer re-release that has been making the .rounds for the last few weeks.

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